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Services & Solutions IIJ Network Security Diagnosis Powered by PaloAlto SLR

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Features of the IIJ Network Security Diagnosis

Just like a human body, your office network needs a regular medical check for early detection and response.

Nowadays, attackers are using new and more advanced ways to attack, such as using APT(Advanced Persistent Threat),Leaking information, using SSL attack via Cloud, and Evasive Malware that isn't easy to detect with the sandbox, etc.

Diagnosis Solution identifies the following


Identify the undetected evasive Malware

Attack Traffic

Check if existing security settings detect the virus, spyware, C2, etc. attack traffic


Visualize SaaS and cloud usage status and grasp SSL communication volume to check if the latest attack countermeasures are taken

Access Restrictions

Check whether access to sites infected with viruses and sites that reduce productivity is properly restricted

Being aware of changes and abnormalities as quickly as possible is the core of preventing issues. Our network security diagnosis can support this.

Security Lifecycle Review (Automatic Visualization Tool)

Analyzed report of risk & applications confirmed on the network.

Installation Structure and Flow of Diagnosis

Installation Structure

Connect the next-generation firewall to the SPAN port or mirror port of the switch where all traffic between the customer's internal network user and the Internet passes.

Connect to the Internet through the management port of the next-generation firewall to visualize your security risk. Update signatures and communicate with WildFire.

Flow of Diagnosis

Includes Installing device, analyze all traffic,reporting and briefing session.
No downtime, minimum changing configuration.

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